Good people day.

Some people are picky eaters. They search a perfectly good bowl of taco meat for any trace of green peppers, for example. Any parent would be appalled by such behavior, right?

Unless, of course, the parent is thrilled by the good humor of the searchers, by their cooperation in the search, by their sense of humor in (almost) posing for the picture.

Gary Vaynerchuk is calling for today, April 3, to be Good People Day. He wants us to look for–and identify–good people around us. Sometimes finding goodness seems as hard as finding green peppers where none exist. But maybe, today, the point of the search is that we spend the time searching…and commenting…together.

I’m reflecting this month on loving God completely and loving my neighbor, and doing it as if I only had one month to live. What Gary is doing, for me at least, is inviting me to do what I ought to be doing. And in the process, while I’m looking for good, maybe I’ll see it where I wouldn’t expect it.

Maybe, it’s in the loving that the good shows up. Even in picky eaters.


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