A really large conversation

A year ago a group of people wrote a book together. A group of about 100. A book about conversation. A book called the Age of Conversation

This year, Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton decided to try again and invited people in marketing to participate. This year there will be 275 writers.  And this year the theme of the book is, “Why don’t they get it?”

We got to choose what we wanted to write about, from a set of sections. I was going to write about “Conversation into Action” but because I can’t handle computers very well, I selected “Manifestos”. As a result, I will soon be writing a manifesto about conversation particularly as it relates to marketing in a book that is for people in marketing.

On one hand, that is amusing to me. After all, I’m not a marketer. In fact, I spend a tremendous amount of energy making sure that I am not about marketing religion. That has happened way too much which is why so many people have such a struggle with any paragraph which has “church”. “authentic”. “caring” and “God”. I look for stories and metaphors and examples and people which might help redeem redemption.

Oh wait. That’s marketing, isn’t it.


3 responses to “A really large conversation

  1. Looking forward to working on this project with you.

  2. I really look forward to your participation in this one, Jon.

  3. Dan and Connie – I’m thinking it will a a good time to think and to read.