Daily Archives: March 29, 2008

college visit

We spent yesterday on a college visit. Hope is a high school junior and is starting to think more seriously about how to answer the question, “So what are you going to do after you graduate?”

Until two weeks ago, she was pretty uninterested in the school we visited. She has known about it forever. She thought about it at one point. But whether through (negatively reacting to) peer pressure or proximity to home or  something, she had moved it off her list. Until two weeks ago.

She got a recruitment call from the school, a call that Nancy didn’t want to pass on, a call that Hope didn’t want to take. But she answered and listened. And found out that they have the major, newly added, that is of great interest to her.

And so we went yesterday, Nancy and Hope and I. We listened to admissions counselors. We  talked with faculty. We toured the campus. We talked to a couple people that I know on that campus. We ate supper at Chili’s and she read “The Great Gatsby” while we waited for our order. We stayed for our first Gilbert and Sullivan (“Pirates of Penzance”). We got home 19 hours after we left.

Because she has the right to change her mind (because she’s a person), I have intentionally not linked to that campus or told you the major.  But what is so intriguing to me is this:

She almost didn’t take the call because she thought she knew what the message would be.

That conversation may have changed her life, established a direction for her future. But that conversation, that piece of information, that thing that she didn’t know, almost didn’t get through.

I’m thinking that there are way too many times that we are absolutely convinced that we aren’t interested in what someone is talking about because we “know” what they will say. We “know” what going there would mean, how choosing that would ruin our lives, how that place would be no fun. We almost miss out on the very thing that will allow us to be transformed, to be completed…because we don’t want to take that call, to hear what that voice has to say.

I’ll keep you posted on the college thing. After all, we have 18 months. In the mean time, if the phone rings, you may want to at least listen.