next steps

I’ve spent Lent as a fairly quiet part of a community over at Lent 2008.  It has been a wonderful time. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow, I think.

For today, however, for Easter,  I’ll just send you over there, since I couldn’t do any better on this morning than my friend Rob (who I am convinced exists, though I have never seen him or touched him. And Chris, whom I have seen, confirms his existence).

Accepting new life requires us to change our perspective. Just as when we welcome a child and shift our roles from wife to mother, husband to father, so must we shift to accept the risen Christ in our lives. He is different than the one who walked among us. Something has been fulfilled. So, what will it be? How will you accept this new life? How will you receive it? Do you need to pinch yourself….or put your hands in His side? Will you accept that you have been called to be different?

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And, as they say, xristos anesti.


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