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2 responses to “good friday

  1. thanks for letting me know that what i said
    mattered in some way

    it’s like knowing i have something to bring to the picnic
    i was feeling i was kind of just showing up empty handed

    in the Polar Express movie (of all places) There is a conversation on top of the train
    are you familiar with it?
    It’s the ghost talking to the kid who is doubting Christmas/ Santa
    and the ghost says
    I understand
    you don’t want to be duped
    don’t want to look stupid
    just incase it isn’t true
    don’t want to look the fool

    i sure didn’t / don’t want to believe in something
    that was going to turn around and make a fool of me

    what a horrible fear to have steering the ship!
    so i made it walk the plank
    i figure i’ll go into uncharted waters
    sail into that sea of
    (i can go on with analogies all day)
    and when the storm of doubt
    (now i’m just being smart)

    let me dock here and finish this up
    sooo yeah
    cool 🙂

  2. Once upon a time,
    a young man discovered
    that almost everyone feels
    they don’t belong.
    He wished that he had
    been much younger when
    he discovered it.
    Because he might have been
    much less driven by his fear
    of being the only insecure one,
    (at least justifiably insecure).

    I’ve never read the book, but loved the movie. and love the image.

    and the response.