Good Friday – virtual

Yesterday, driving to an event, I heard a song for the first time: “The real Jesus” by Downhere.

I was talking to a few youth pastors about whether Jesus had failed, particularly when measured by our standards of ministry success. After all, he started with big crowds, then had people leave, then got down to the last 12, then one of those turned him in, then the rest ran away. Today that would get a youth pastor, well, not so much fired as told, “we’re going in a different direction.”

I also talked about how Judas would have been the perfect kid to have on a short-term missions team. He was responsible and involved and even had come back from a little tour with another disciple pretty pumped about ministry. Of course, he had his own agenda of how a new king should work, how a real leader would upset all the religious structures. When it was clear that Jesus wasn’t going to do things the way Judas thought they should be done, Judas turned him in. I’m guessing Judas felt betrayed and that’s why he responded in kind.

I think that we have these pictures, like Judas, like ministry strategists, of how Jesus should have acted, how he should have run things, how he could do things now. And I think that maybe they aren’t the real Jesus.

I mean, you have pictures of how you think I should act. And I don’t live up to your pictures. But that doesn’t make me less me. It just means I don’t fit your picture of me.

I went looking for the song today and found this video version.

Somehow it fits.


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