Daily Archives: March 18, 2008

just wondering

What’s the question that “Good Friday” answers?

I’m thinking about Good Friday services and thinking, a little, about what it would look like to have one here.  The first question that I thought about asking was, “What do you want from a Good Friday service?

The more I thought about it, however, I realized that my opening question matters more. The latter one, about what we want from a service is about us, from an experiential perspective. That’s fine, of course. We are created to have experiences. But I’m curious about the larger conversation. What, in descriptive terms, is the question that Good Friday is a turn in, that this death answers?

Of course, the follow-on question is, “What question do you wish it answered?”

I’m curious about your answers. They will help me think about having a virtual Good Friday service, an exploration of some aspects of that day.

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This is a journey into the trees. I’m not sure where the path goes. But I’m interested in your thoughts.