How many posts will there be this week about the Super Bowl and about Super Tuesday? I heard someone on Saturday (yesterday) talking about having a Super Saturday, playing off from the hype. And on one level, the two events – the game and the primaries – are significant. If significance is measured by money spent or media attention, then these two days are absolutely huge.

But what if you aren’t a superlatives kind of person? What if you are the kind of person who, when asked you you are doing, answers “fine”–and you aren’t trying to avoid truth-telling or masking feelings? What if your honest condition is fine?

Some of us are hesitant to commit to being great or wonderful or super, at least when someone asks how we are doing. We look with suspicion at the people who are “great” and then “lousy” and then “couldn’t be better” and then “this is the worst day”. How can anyone live life with that much, well, instability? Better, we think, to be a nice steady melancholy or calm or subdued or steady than constantly echoing Dickens (“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”).

And yet, maybe life lived at an arm’s length isn’t always best. Maybe there is a place for, like two teams today, like a handful of candidates on Tuesday, jumping in completely.  Not everyone has the same level of emtional expression. Some people really are reserved, really don’t express happiness by bouncing around the room. But for each of us there is the capacity to be all in, to in accord with our personality, to commit.

We’re a month into the year. The groundhog has spoken. Lent is at hand. Now is a great time to decide that today, this week, this month, the next 4 minutes are worth living intentionally.

You in?


4 responses to “Super.

  1. I’m in.

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  3. I’m just fine, thanks for asking – and making me smile once again 🙂


  4. thank you, Joanna, for being committed to being accurate.

    and deanna, a delight to meet you. Thank you. On purpose.