8 ways to have a thoughtful weekend.

From my Google Reader shared items come these items for helping you do some thinking this weekend.

  1. The Daily Saint talks about less is more kinds of paradoxes. Spend some time looking at these and then for each of the four, write one action step; “I’ll stop doing this one thing; I’ll serve this one person this week…”
  2. Anna captured a whole new way to think about filing. The visual metaphor makes me want to grab some folders, label them, and then do a brain and heart sort.
  3. Chris looks at old media and suggests several things that they should consider. I’m thinking about how it applies to churches, the in the building part (as old media) and then the out there, social mediated way. How can you apply what he says about the actual media to places that you are living?
  4. Steve Dennie visited Starbucks and learned a new way to think about incremental impact. As you walk through your weekend, what one small think can you change that could have huge environmental impact-physical, social, spiritual.
  5. Thomas Knoll thinks that this is the year for people. Where are you seeing people as opposed to technology as the focus? Even as you use technology, is it shiny objects or are you finding that you are starting to care more about the caring part?
  6. Rick Mahn is doing an indefinite series of post on happiness, simple observations. Read this one. Then, if you agree, do it.
  7. Before Sunday morning, you need Liz Strauss’ revelation from last Sunday morning, about the struggle with should. What one should can you let go of this weekend (I mean, other than “I should keep reading this post” or “I should let Jon know that I visited”)?
  8. Tom has spent a lot of time in meetings, a lot of time talking and listening and helping people decide. Here he’s talking about not deciding, about the importance of waiting for community. What are the decisions that you are feeling rushed toward, that you know aren’t ready to be made? As you prepare for the week ahead, take some time to stop and wait and listen. Then, when the voices start again on Monday, you’ll be ready to only join as necessary.

Have a great weekend. Think well. Love well. Pray well. Play well. Watch them all be the same thing.

For more 8 ways…

To recycle a month
To cross-pollinate your world
To fall off a horse
To audit my (spiritual) time

To waste the month
To waste your blogging time
To ruin your day
To be thanked
To increase your stress

To explain 2.0 friends to 0.0 parents
To lose your faith
To make yourself angry
To make yourself jealous
To make yourself depressed
To ruin your marriage

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4 responses to “8 ways to have a thoughtful weekend.

  1. Well, that is a lot of good things to do between now and Monday morning! Have a great weekend, say hello to the family and God Bless, Lowell 🙂

  2. hey, cousin Lowell, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout Jon. Interestingly enough, you are one of the people who led me to this conclusion…. and now we come full-circle. =)

  4. tk
    It’s been slow work for me to come to this, liking, as I do, bright shiny things.