8 ways to keep your tank full

1. Make sure that you take a day off. One day in seven is a pretty good idea.

2. Plug the hole of mind-numbing browsing where all the time runs out and flows across the keyboard.

3. Put love into the tanks of other people by encouraging and apologizing and caring.

4. Laugh. At something. Without being cynical.

5. Remember that you aren’t God. That job is taken. (and you can talk with the job-holder)

6. Spend less than you make, in the most creative ways you can find so that even saving is a contest with yourself.

7. Take a nap.

8. Go make a cup of coffee (or tea) and reread number 1-7.


For more 8 ways…

To recycle a month
To cross-pollinate your world
To fall off a horse
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To waste the month
To waste your blogging time
To ruin your day
To be thanked
To increase your stress

To explain 2.0 friends to 0.0 parents
To lose your faith
To make yourself angry
To make yourself jealous
To make yourself depressed
To ruin your marriage

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2 responses to “8 ways to keep your tank full

  1. I am encouraged to find that nothing on your list is totally foreigh to my experience–I hope that means that I can avoid running on empty.

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