Happy Birthday, Connie Reece

Sometimes we find ourselves doing scary things. One of those things may be standing in the aisle of Hobby Lobby with a feather boa.

What would cause an associate pastor, ready to start working at a new church, to post a picture of such an experience?

Connie Reece.

Connie and I go way back, like 8 months or so. Although Nancy and I lived in Austin in the early 80s, our paths never crossed (however, I did acquire a taste for CFS).

Part of our relationship has been public. Connie was part of an incredible surprise birthday party for me last July. I was able to make her laugh in August. Somewhere in there, I was trying out Ustream.tv for a wedding and Connie joined us from Austin, providing Nancy and Hope and I play-by-tweet commentary as the wedding proceeded.

However, there has also been a back channel conversation going on this whole time, emailing interaction on topics of mutual interest. We have been able to encourage each other during some challenging moments.

Sometimes, the more you learn about someone, the more you wish you didn’t know. In Connie’s case, the more I get to know of her heart, the more I want to know.

From what I read from people who know her face-to-face, from business, from second life, from other conversations, I’m guessing that my experience is not unique.

However Connie is.

So, friend, happy birthday. Thanks for encouraging, challenging, inspiring, and giving us the gift of your vulnerability.

UPDATE: It was Joann Fabrics. Sorry.


4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Connie Reece

  1. I don’t think any birthday gift can top the photo of you in a boa. Except the gift of your words – which have been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me so often. And I look over on my dining table & see a hardcover book still waiting to be mailed to you – that “grand prize” you won for making me laugh – and in spite of how late I am mailing it, I know you will not only forgive me but understand why I am the way I am.

    God bless you, Jon Swanson. Now excuse me while I have a nice quiet little happy cry.

  2. be at peas, friend.

  3. Never in the history of bed shaking have I jiggled the one I’m in while trying not to wake my husband. Oh, pastor; You give a gal the giggles!

    OK, and you write a helluva blog too 🙂 (lord have mercy)

  4. Helping you laugh? That’s a good thing, Susan. Thanks for stopping by for the party.