dragging people along

On Monday, I finished clearing my stuff out of the office formerly known as mine. That was the day I finished my time helping pastor First Missionary Church in Fort Wayne. As I was down to the last couple of boxes, and my friend Kay was getting ready to leave, she said, “hand me your phone. I need to get a picture. You’ll want to write about this, right?”

This is her picture.

Kay is one of several people around me who have moved into the blogosphere because of, well, because of me. I don’t like how self-serving that sounds, but I don’t mean it that way. The truth is that I see my work, in part, as helping people get more connected with God and with each other. I’m meeting lots of people and building relationships through this digital world. I’m doing most of my writing and reflecting in this space. I’m watching people from both of my worlds get connected and grow here, and so when people start following me, I see that as just another way I can help people follow others and God.

Kay and Sue and Nancy are people who don’t blog themselves, who seldom if ever comment here, but see themselves as part of a community which includes people that they and I have never seen. I can’t link to them. I can’t point you to their online presence because they really don’t have any. But they and many others have a significant presence that intersects with the online world in interesting ways.

Those of you I know in the 2.0 world, they ask about you. They want to know how you are doing. They care about your lives. They are interested. I am, for you and they, the mutual friend. And I can assure both of you all, 0.0 and 2.0, that you would really like each other.

What you all need to know is that you are all reflected here. As I write and think and pray and write, all of the life I am living blends together. My words are shaped by all of you and are written to all of you.

Some days it would be nice if you could talk with each other. However, forcing “my” 0.0 friend/readers to blog would be like forcing “my” 2.0 friend/readers to come to Fort Wayne.  It’s not likely because of different communication styles and community styles and geography styles.

As I’m moving from one church to another, I am very mindful that I am not disappearing from the lives of some people from FMC because our relationship has taken on a 2.0 component. We will continue to meet here, in many cases as often as we ever have. That’s a pretty cool thing. In fact, what I’m pretty sure will happen is that my 2.0 community of 0.0 and 2.0 friends will soon begin to meet some people from my new 0.0 church – Grabill Missionary Church.

So Kay? Thanks for the picture. And welcome to being published on flickr and here.  But you need to know that I took another picture, after you left. Once that reflects the sense that although I know that this move is healthy and will have great positive impact for both churches, there was still a moment of stopping and realizing that this office was home for more than 7 years, a time of great growth and shaping and opportunity.

And all of you, and you know who you are, thank you for being my (0.0/2.0) friends. I’m glad you are coming along for the ride.


6 responses to “dragging people along

  1. Jon,
    I’ve followed your blog for only a short while now, but I’ll take the liberty of including myself as one of your 2.0 friends. Tempting as it may be for me to say, “Great luck with the new adventures and the new ride”, I’ll tune in instead to the pulse of the 2nd photo. Actually, what I wish for you is all the time you need to let the shift settle in — to be with the enormity of letting something go that has been your friend for 7 years. My view is grieving is a delicious art that we are not so used to savoring in this society. May you take time to savor.

  2. Sorry I didn’t get to be for the official farewell on Sunday. Thanks for letting us all be part of your 0.0/2.0 life. I’m very glad this isn’t the end.

  3. and this is a perfect example. Erica i know through Liz Strauss and a post I did over there. Robb I know through meeting face to face for…2 years on Fridays? And you both come along. And I’m glad.

  4. You know, Jon,
    there’s a beautiful metaphor here. Thank you. Sometimes we don’t see the wondrous thing we are living.

    Revelation 4 hits me.

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  6. thanks, liz, for visiting and shouting. This community is both wondrous and prologue.

    The more I reflect on this these days, the more intrigued with the depth as well as the breadth of relationship.