8 ways to look ahead.

Shiloh is a quiet dog. I almost wrote “quiet and thoughtful” but I have no clue what is happening in his head. At one of the four holiday gatherings at our house, Shiloh spent some time reflecting on the year behind, gazing at coffee and my lifesigns series.

That kind of looking back and looking ahead is all the rage among humans right now. I’m not ready to do my own goal setting yet, but I’m ready to suggest some words to think about.

Compared to last year or to my life so far or to lives around me that I think have been misguided or to lives around me that are well-lived, what do I want to do:

1. More. More often, more intentionally, more consistently.

2. Less. Less often, less reactively, with less intensity, with less (fewer) people.

3. Better. You know what better means for you. What do you want to do better?

4. Worse. What are you, what am I, willing to be worse at…if it will buy space for what is better? Do I want to be a worse packrat? Do I want to be a worse daily blogger?

5. Faster. What could I do faster that would create more time?
6 Slower. What could I do slower that would create more relationship?
7. Thoughtfully. What do I need to actually stop and think about? And how can I plan for that? (Gift-giving, for example)

8. Impulsively. What do I need to release from planning and strategizing?

I’ll get around to goals, maybe after the first of the year. I think that I probably want to be more thoughtful than impulsive there. But…maybe not.

For more 8 ways…

To recycle a month
To cross-pollinate your world
To fall off a horse
To audit my (spiritual) time

To waste the month
To waste your blogging time
To ruin your day
To be thanked
To increase your stress

To explain 2.0 friends to 0.0 parents
To lose your faith
To make yourself angry
To make yourself jealous
To make yourself depressed
To ruin your marriage

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