8 ways to cross-pollinate your world.

As we approach the end of 2007,  I’m thinking about how my life has shifted in the past year. At the beginning of this year, it would have been impossible, for one reason or another, for me to have written any of these 8 ways of bridging 0.0 and 2.0 worlds, of expanding conversation and learning. Further, all 8 of these describe events from the past three days.

1. Write an article about creating an advent calendar/blog for an online magazine with an Advent-themed issue.

2. Preach to a snowstorm-decimated congregation and have 13 more watching from home on ustream.tv and then record the sermon on ustream.tv

3. While attending a concert, discover that the son of a friend (who appears in your flickr) reads your blog.

4. Pray with a friend that you see face to face about health challenges of a friend that you both know through twitter.

5. Sit at a Christmas party of people mostly older than a half century, and in a perfectly normal conversation have someone ask, “So, do you twitter?” (and, of course, have no one but your wife have any clue what she means.)

6.  Write a sermon incorporating research from eBible, a facebook conversation with your son’s girlfriend, and a baby born to a couple you married, a birth you tracked because the father of the new mother sent texts, phone pictures, and calls.

7. Find out at dinner that your daughter saw a flower-schedule calendar and took a picture of it because once a month the flowers are provided by Jim Long (not this Jim Long who we know and love through twitter.)

8. Listen to your wife, who has only a vicarious social media presence, knowledgeably describe the way that both of your worlds have expanded through all of these connections, and hear her frustration when people choose to ignore the way the world is changing.


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2 responses to “8 ways to cross-pollinate your world.

  1. Wow… I made it into one of your blogs!! Now if I can be in a band that Beavis and Butthead call “kool”, and I get the “Huge Call of the Day” on the Jim Rome Show, I will die a happy man!

    Seriously, love your stuff (the lists are the best)… and I’m following your advice to me at the concert…

  2. ah will…it took my memory a long time, longer than usual. Sorry. But thanks for stopping by…and looking forward to being able to look inside.