8 ways to fall off a horse.

1. Forget that horses are built to move.

2. Climb on a horse that you don’t have enough experience to handle.

3. Climb on a horse that no one can handle because it is completely irrational.

4. Forget to tighten the saddle.

5. Provoke the horse to anger with spurs.

6. Ride until the horse collapses because you were going too far too fast.

7. Forget to feed and care for the horse.

8. Assume that riding comes naturally.

Of course, you can substitute lots of other words for horse. Relationship, organization, and social media network are three ideas that I can imagine to apply to this metaphor.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down with a friend, and spend some time this weekend figuring out why that last horse tossed you…and how you can get back in the saddle.


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4 responses to “8 ways to fall off a horse.

  1. Oh this is good – so many applications! One to cut out and keep, thanks 🙂


  2. you’re welcome, as always.

  3. you seems to be an experienced guy to fell off from a horse!

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