8 ways to waste the month

This morning, CC Chapman terrified me. He wrote

top of the morning and month full of opportunities ahead

A simple greeting for the first day of the month, but only a month left in the year? Hence, a timely place for this post.

1. Decide that a hairnet is sufficient reason to refuse to help your wife work in the kitchen for your daughter’s Madrigal Dinner. (lesson? dignity is over-rated.)

2. Panic because the year is done and you have accomplished nothing of your goals for the year.

2a. (Bonus item) Completely ignore everything else that you DID get done because of the crises, unpredictable crises, which  happened this year.

3. Grumble because you forget that the point is relationships rather than money or brownie points or whatever use to keep track.
4. Grouch (grinch?) at all the commercialism of Christmas so much that no one wants to spend any time with you. (Of course, that could save you a bunch on gifts.)

5. Fantasize that 2008 will be ever so much better if you can just hang on for the next 30 days. (Like you can’t wake up tomorrow morning and decide that the new year (and life) starts now?)

6. Decide that you don’t have to think about being thankful for another 11 months.

7. Ignore the opportunities the cold weather (in the northern hemisphere) gives you to build fires (in the fireplace), to make hot chocolate, to pile on extra blankets, to see the houses that the leaves have been hiding, to avoid mowing, and to not have to face the sun for long stretches.

8. Make endless lists of how many things you have to do rather than doing one at a time and rejoicing in the strength and time and skills and friends that you do have.


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4 responses to “8 ways to waste the month

  1. I certainly didn’t mean to scare you, but at the same time if something I did can spur you into action then I won’t say sorry 🙂

    Happy December!

  2. Thanks, CC. And it was a motivating process!

  3. Love these ‘8 ways’ posts. Finding the truth in each one is like learning something new about myself.


  4. Thanks, Rick. They just keep showing up in my mirror.