an invitation for comments

In August, I wrote a series of posts about signs. It was an interesting journey.

I decided to pull them all together into one document I’m calling Life signs. You can download it by right-clicking here.

What I’d like is feedback. Too long? Too hard to download? Logical formatting?  Anything else?

You can comment here or you can email me at jnswanson at gmail dot com.

Thanks for going on the ride.


2 responses to “an invitation for comments

  1. Jon, what a great way to bring this project together. I think it looks very nice. I like the layout, it is clean and simple.

    My only suggestion, is to think about the choice of using the actual dates. While I realize the personal significance of this particular month and all that the ensuing months brought in the form of opportunity, it does have the effect of…well…dating it.

    I am wondering if making it more general (Day 1, Day 2, or something similar) might make it more accessible to others over time.

    Your intro does a nice job of establishing the dates, I’m just not sure you need to use them in the titles. Perhaps, you could place the actual post date at the end of the post, in smaller print,

    Those are my suggestions.

    I am excited about the fact that you have kept this project alive in this way.

    Nice Work.

  2. Jon – I like it. I have shown it to some friends who like it as well.