8 ways to be thanked.

I was going to be cranky when I started writing this post and then I thought, “just be self-serving.” So, in the spirit of the week, here are 8 ways to make sure that someone tells you thank you this week.

1. Someone cleans the bathroom where you live or work or buy coffee. Thank them. (If it’s you, look in the mirror and say, “Jon says thanks.”)

2. Meet your paper carrier at the door and thank them and smile (especially if they *always* throw the paper in the wrong place.).

3. Hold a door open for someone you don’t know. (Bonus points if you hold it for three people. 1000 bonus points if you have to run to get the door for someone who can’t get it for themself).

4. Write an actual email instead of a comment to a blogger who has mattered to you in the past month. Say more than “nice post”. Tell them HOW that post changed how you think. (You lose points if you send one to me.)

5. Show up early (if you are always late). Show up ready (if you never do). Show up awake. Show up with coffee for the other person. Show up smiling. Show up not complaining. Maybe just show up.

6. Someone in your past changed your life. If you have never told them, tell them. This week. Really. (With Google, you should be able to find them.)

7. Tell God that you are trying to figure out whether He’s there.

8. Pick someone that you care about, look them in the eyes, and say “thank you.” and when they say, “for what?”, have a specific reason. (I don’t know what it is. But you do. Right?)


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