8 ways to increase your own stress.

I asked for some help with this one. I decided that I was willing to risk decreasing my stress.

1. Set impossibly strict rules for your kids, then 1) question your own parenting skills and/or 2) push them harder when they fail @div_conspiracy

2.  Think you have to say yes to everything people ask you to do. conniereece

3. Ignore need for rest & feel virtuous for working so hard. conniereece

4. Believe that it’s all up to you @alenardson

5. Overpromise. Underexecute.

6. Forget that it takes much longer to say “yes” that it takes to completely rework a powerpoint deck, rebuild a carborator,  follow twitter, or almost any other task. (However, it takes much less time to say no.)

7.  Say that you are leaving and then wait five more minutes.

8. Try to be Chris Brogan if you are built to be Jon Swanson.

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