Things you love.

winding path

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“I’m thinking through my list of things I love. What comes to mind right now is this: I love walking in the woods, listening to the silence.”

That’s what Nancy said on Saturday morning as we were spending time away, just Nancy and I. We went, as we do about once a year, to Pokagon State Park in northern Indiana. Familiar surroundings, few people, muted human sounds (traffic on the highway). For those moments we get to hear silence.

What’s on your list of things you love? When was the last time you were in the middle of one of those things?

What are you waiting for?


2 responses to “Things you love.

  1. This weekend, I realized I REALLY love my kids. I missed them, because they were gone, as they are every other weekend, but I thought about how much I love them…Last night, Collin fell asleep fairly early and Natalie asked if I’d lay down with her. I told her she could have 15 minutes…30 minutes of giggling later…I left her because I was falling asleep…and she needed to.

  2. Sunny fall days when the light is so pure it hurts a little, and the trees have a light of their own, and the air is the cleanest, freshest thing you’ve ever felt/smelled/seen.