8 ways to lose your faith.

1. Be taught that church is a place you go rather than a community you are a member of or a vine you are a branch of or a body you are a part of or a family you are adopted into.

2. Put a pastor on a pedestal so that when he fails, and he will, so do you.

3. Be taught that King James had a corner on the right way to speak.

4. Decide that religion is about a set of rules rather than a relationship (and then watch all the religious people break the rules).

5. Be taught that some sins (especially the ones like smoking that are not covered in the Bible) are worse that other sins (like gossip and gluttony which are covered).

6. Have someone teach you that it is about being entertained…and then find it boring.

7. Go through incredible pain and have no one show you that God actually understands rejection, losing a child, being tortured, being beaten.

8. Never have anyone acknowledge that purely cognitive proof doesn’t work. There actually has to be an element of faith in faith.


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