8 ways to ruin your marriage.

1. Decide that it would be impossible to ruin your marriage, that “it could never happen to us.”

2. Decide that being trustworthy and lovable are a waste of time.

3. Tell yourself that love is a feeling, not an act of the will.

4. Get lots of laughs by telling people about how silly your spouse’s behavior is. This works best when your spouse is just barely in earshot.

5. Figure out what your spouse most enjoys, and use it as a bargaining chip.

6. Humor your little woman/big guy, but ignore what they say.

7. What tragedy happens, assume that you will grieve/recover/process exactly the same way at exactly the same speed–and if you don’t he/she is wrong/not mature.

8. Read every possible 8 ways list and decide that you or your spouse or both are complete failures.


2 responses to “8 ways to ruin your marriage.

  1. Is this a comprehensive list? if so, I’m approaching half way to ruin (judging conservatively). thanks for the timely “heads up”.

    oh, and I am completely drawing a blank on what you shared at the meeting at 5:00 tonight, but I do remember that it was a wonderful message, so thanks.

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