8 ways to make yourself depressed

1. Forget that you are literate and have enough resources and time to be reading blogs.

2. Forget that you can see in color rather than just black and white, or not at all.

3. Remember every single thing that anyone ever said in a tone of voice you didn’t like.

4. Forget everything you ever said in a tone of voice that someone else didn’t like.

5. Decide that although there is a God who says that you matter, He’s lying.

6. Decide without reflection that Mother Theresa was deluded.

7. Watch Judge Judy.

8. Spend time reading positive 8 ways lists that are impossible to achieve.


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3 responses to “8 ways to make yourself depressed

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  2. Laughing @ #7.

    It’s true, as is the rest of your post.

    I’m trying to take care with myself, stop doing these things so I don’t give myself something more to battle than I already have.

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