8 ways to make yourself jealous

The second in a series of 8 ways posts designed to be as practical as possible.

1. Believe that you came up with that great idea in the team brainstorming time all by yourself.

2. Believe that you are the best one for the job that she got. (Okay, yes, she had more experience, but I’m nicer.)

3. Believe that mom loves him best.

4. Believe that life isn’t too short for that argument.

5. Believe that in spite of your great humility, you ought to be the center of attention in every meeting and party.

6. Believe that when they said “thank you”, they were just being patronizing.

7. Believe that ‘they’ really are out to get you.

8. Believe that it isn’t jealousy, it is accuracy about your contribution.


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