10, 20, 30

Paul has tagged me with this meme, asking for a lookback of 10, 20 and 30 years. Since I do my best to forget the past (which takes less and less effort all the time) this will be a challenge. However…

10 years (November 1, 1997) I had been working at University of Saint Francis  for a little over a year and we had been in back in Fort Wayne for a year and a month (after four years in Goshen, IN). We were starting to get settled in our house. I’m sure we were painting or papering or something. Hope was in first grade, Andrew in fifth. That doesn’t seem long ago at all.

20 years (November, 1987) I had been a dad for 8 months and was, if I remember correctly, preparing for a trip to Austin, Texas to meet with my dissertation committee to finalize my dissertation proposal. I had been procrastinating on that project for a couple years, working but making little progress. It was a good meeting. Notice that I talk more about the writing than the fathering. Between writing, teaching at Fort Wayne Bible College, and working on our house of less than a year, I only remember a cute little guy rather than any great activities with him. That has changed, however. A little. (Now he’s a cute big guy).

30 years (November 1, 1977)  I was a sophomore at Wheaton College, majoring in speech, working at the radio station, working in data processing,avoiding my studies. As a result, on a Friday morning I would have been in class, but was probably napping. If I remember right, Nancy would have been on campus as well, though we didn’t meet for at least a couple more years. (If there was a 25 years ago, I would have been in Austin, anticipating her Thanksgiving visit and our March wedding).

I’m guessing that others remember better than I. As a result, I’m tagging Amy and Rob and Chris.


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