quid pro quo


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In the photo on the last post, I had a picture of our children. Andrew was taking a picture. Here is the picture he was taking.

As you can tell, our family is interesting and odd.

I’m thinking, however, that we are less odd than I would like to believe. My guess is that in most families, both parents and children have facebook accounts. In most families, the parents use twitter as a way to for the husband to let the wife know what is happening. In most families, the son buys the dad a flickr pro membership for his birthday. In most families, a blog serves as the birthday card, as the place for emotional disclosure, as the place for celebrating life. In most families, im and text are essential means of communication. In most families parents talk with each other and children and parents laugh together.

But common or odd, family 0.0 or 2.0, this I know: I’m grateful for the family I’m part of.


3 responses to “quid pro quo

  1. The geek-apple does not fall far from the geek-tree.

  2. I love your odd, digitally-outspoken family. Thank your Boss that I get to stay in touch with you across the divide using these tools.

  3. I have loved getting to know you and your family through your blog, Twitter, Flickr, etc. And because I’m behind in my feed reading I realize I missed Nancy’s birthday (belated birthday greetings, dear Nancy). To think that you lived here in Austin, where our paths never crossed … and now we’ve become friends over all this distance — which is no distance at all, spiritually speaking.