department store theology

There are tons of words that cause us trouble when we are around educated religious people. We get into endless debates about what particular words mean, arguments that seem irrelevant to normal people.

I started laughing the other night, when I realized that the discussions about whether the pope, or the church, or scripture, or anything else is infallible gain a whole new dimension thanks to this lipstick.

Now, to be infallible means to have 16 hours of continuous concealing. Without error only has to last for part of a day.

On the other hand, this does move a word that almost no one uses in ordinary conversation into slightly more common use.

Now, we need to have an encyclopedia called “Omniscient”, a GPS brand called “Omnipresent” and a vitamin called “Omnipotent” and we will be able to talk about some core characteristics of God.

Apparently, it is Tuesday but I am already thinking like a do on a Thursday afternoon. This could be a long week–but let’s not call it “enternal.”


One response to “department store theology

  1. That’s funny. We have a club (as in clubbing/music – not country club) called ‘believe.’ A friend showed me some advertizements for clubs in London called ‘icon,’ ‘church,’ and ‘faith.’