Started laughing the other night when I realized that one chain labels their baskets with far more accuracy than they intend. We spending inordinate amounts of time as the store getting things, getting happier, getting ready for events, getting poorer.

But “get” isn’t just about acquiring. Sometimes it can be about allowing.

We talk about getting to do something for fun after working. We talking about getting to take a vacation. We talk about how we get to use a friend’s vacation house for the week (okay, not us. But it would be a really nice thing, right). And I use that word when I talk with God.

At the end of praying (which, like conversation, doesn’t necessarily end), I at times say, “In Jesus’ name we get to pray, amen.”

If you have hung around in church much, you may have heard something close to that. We do this thing which sounds like code, praying in Jesus’ name. At times we treat it like part of the magic formula. If we say that, we get whatever we asked for. Except praying isn’t exactly like throwing magic phrases. It’s more like talking with someone.

But sometimes when you are talking with someone, asking them for something, you start looking for a connection, something that will give you credibility. “Tell ’em Sal sentja.” “I’m a friend of your uncle Maurie.” “Chris told me you would help.”

Sometimes we wonder about the connection; we really didn’t like Uncle Maurie that much. But sometimes, because we are so close to the connector, we treat the person like family (assuming, of course, that that’s a good thing.)

So we’re told by Jesus that when we talk to his Dad, we get to drop his name. And anytime some one lets me use their name, I want to remember that it’s a privilege.

And so that’s why I remind myself that this is something shouldn’t take for granted, I shouldn’t make a formula. I’m not acquiring, I’m allowed.

Get it?


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