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Saturday night and I’m sitting in a global coffee chain with a computer writing. I have this odd sense of being years behind my friends who do this all the time. However, I don’t have a laptop of my own. I had this borrowed one with me and so decided to write while waiting for the movie theatre to disgorge our daughter and friends.

But while in this technological cliche, i gotta tell you the other story from the funeral today.

Hope spent the night with a friend, arriving home while we were in the funeral. She called my phone, but I couldn’t answer. So….

1. I sent Andrew a text, asking him to call home and tell Hope to check email.
2. I sent Hope an email from my phone, which would allow her to reply so we could find out the arrangements for the rest of the day.
3. Which she did.

I know. If she had a phone, she could have texted. If these were the old days, we would have planned. If…

But these aren’t the old days. These are now. And we have people to connect with and things to be said. And figuring out how to think through the communication options to accomplish the connection continues to be a challenge…and a delight.

Time to finish the coffee and head to the theatre. But you can text me anytime.


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