let go

I once had a boss who would try to make me take time off, take time away. He’d tell me that I needed to just leave. He’d say that Nancy and I should go out to dinner, or go someplace fun. He’d remind me about sabbath, asking, “so which of the other ten commandments are you deciding are negotiable?”

And I’d argue that I would after I finished this project. I’d push back because that’s not how Nancy and I relax. I’d think, “set me an example and I’ll believe you.” I’d remember the times he’d call in from his own times away.

I was wrong.


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One response to “let go

  1. I don’t know if this makes any difference to you, but it sure did to me: There came a point–maybe in leadership class, of all places–where I realized it doesn’t ALL depend on me. If it did, God wouldn’t have come up with the idea of the Body. This particularly helped me to say “no”, realizing that sometimes my “no”–or my not being on call for everything even remotely related to my ministry area– is an opportunity for someone else to say “yes.”

    If this is totally down a different road from the one on which you’re walking, maybe it will help someone else.