no more hiding

I haven’t really been hiding, I don’t think. But for the past month, ever since completing the month of sign posts, I have felt a bit floundery. You know, like the flounder, dragged out of the water, flopping around on the deck of a boat.

I’m speaking, of course, of my writing here. During the past few weeks, entries have been sporadic, the writing has felt uneven. I haven’t had anything consistently compelling about which to write.

I think that a similar thing has been happening in my life, however. After the discipline of August, there has been a looseness to September, and a busyness. We traveled 1200+ miles Labor Day weekend to Wisconsin. I spent most of another weekend helping Nancy with feeding 60+ middle school children’s choir kids. I traveled 1300+ miles this past weekend to NYC. I am discovering that such weekend activities end up draining energy during the week. I am older than I think.

As I was standing in the subway on Sunday, I looked across and saw this sign: NO CLEARANCE IN NICHE. I’m not sure what the point of the niche was. There may be a valve. There may be something that sticks out of the track. Whatever the purpose, however, it is not a place of shelter. If you face into that niche, you will still lose something if a train goes by.

I’m thinking that I am not sheltering in the right niches right now. Even in the busyness, there is a need to get further from the track if I want to rest. And to castigate myself for being tired and run down when I am not looking at the sign is just foolish. And to wonder at my writing-or lack thereof-is silly.

Maybe I’m the only one who can’t step away from the tracks to rest. I’m guessing, however, that there are more of us than we care to admit. So let’s step back so we can step up again.

Sound good to you?

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2 responses to “no more hiding

  1. Perhaps if we find the right niche there is rest and energy even in our busyness.

  2. sometimes you are compelling even when you think you’re not…if you think you’re compelling are you?