on the road. again.

When I travel, I feel chaotic. So this post reflects the chaos.

1. I’m headed to NYC for the weekend to attend a conference recognizing the Fulton Street Revival.  150 years ago one guy started a prayer meeting on Fulton Street in Manhattan. 6 people showed up. 30 minutes late. However, the weekly meetings grew rapidly and the idea spread across the country.

Of course, what comes to mind is, “Did it (the prayer, the meetings, the movement) really having lasting significance? If so, what? If so, what does it mean now, if anything?”

So I’ll go and ask and think and pray and twitter and post.

2. I asked on Twitter for help with the transit system. Barbara wrote this:

 BLG public transit in NYC? Buy a Metro Card.Allow some extra time so you aren’t worried.Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t carry too much. 

Isn’t that an astounding response? It is practical. It speaks to how to handle things emotionally. It provides encouragement for the novice. It expresses concern for safety and comfort.

140 characters and she equips me to go where I have never been. Can you tell that she plans large conferences?

3. If you read my post from Tuesday (“In the mean time”) I have updates. The lady came through surgery very well. The grandmother died at 3 this morning. When I went to visit the lady the day following her surgery, I met a lady whose mother had just died.  It’s been an interesting week.

We leave at 4 tomorrow, driving.  I’ll see you later.


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  1. twitter is collinsmom 🙂