It’s almost over.

The year that is.

According to the math of some people, when you get to three-fourths, time is almost gone. (When something is 4 minutes away, that last minute is panic time. When something is an hour away, the last 15 minutes are…you get the picture).

Fall is here, kids are back in school, days are shorter, schedules are more frantic. The final quarter of the year is only a couple weeks away and then, well, and then this year slides away.

So how have you done on your goals for the year.


Remember back in late December when we started to lay out 2007, thinking about what we could do to make it better, to be more _____ for this year? I even got bold and identified four purposes for the year. In thinking about them the other day, I realized that by making them less concrete than goals usually are, I made it possible to make progress. On three of the four things I identified, I can point to specific progress, including purposing to keep walking with Nancy almost every day.

I say this not to brag but to share that even goal-challenged people like me can find ways to identify progress.

But what if we are at this point in the year and are discovering that the landscape has completely changed since January? What if we are wanting to write off the rest of the year and just fast-forward to 2008? What if…..

What if we just decided that this is a new year (which it is for many people in the world) and that tomorrow is the starting point?

Here are some things to read (and hear) that may help restart the rest of the year:

  • David Finch has great steps for people wanting to get back in the game. His list includes letting the past be the past, calling upon your dream team, and taking small steps forward.
  • C.C. Chapman talks about his change in jobs in a podcast, and describes his process of deciding what matters most, talking with others he can trust, and deciding to act.
  • Liz Strauss invites us to be awe-inspired, to get perspective by looking around at creation which is bigger than we are. Somehow, getting our eyes off from our immediate urgent needs and breathing can help us think and feel more clearly.
  • Although his post has little to do with goal-setting, David Kuo has two portraits of grief and forgiveness. Or maybe it has more to do with goal-setting than we think. By looking at people who have–and haven’t–been able to forgive major pain, Kuo helps examine who we are becoming rather than merely focusing on what we are doing.

Have a good weekend.
Have some fun.
Enjoy a relationship.
Take some time off.
Walk with Nancy. (wait. that’s mine).


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3 responses to “Review

  1. Jon –

    Here’s another link. A post by Meg at Here she talks about September as the new – new year.

  2. Thanks, Rob. I like that a lot.

  3. Jon,
    As always you you continue to produce thought provoking content. Thanks also for including the recent post I wrote about getting back in to the game.

    Much Success,