learning to write

Joanna Young writes.

Her desire is to help other people write well, to write with confidence. She started a blog to share skills, encouragement, and dreams.

During September she is trying a delightful experiment by inviting three guest authors to write about writing with authenticity. I’m privileged to be one of those authors, and my offering is up today: Sometimes I write hollow.

I’ll let you go over there to read, and since she lives in Edinburgh, it really is over there. What I want to point out here, however, is that by inviting people into her blog, she is living out her commitment to encouraging confident writing.

Joanna is about coaching, about showing examples, about helping people understand from the inside how to write. Having other people come into her sitting room to talk about what they write and how they write lives out her hospitality, encouragement, and desire for community.

Go visit Joanna. You can read my post, but be sure you read her heart.

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One response to “learning to write

  1. Jon, thanks so much for these words about what I do. It means a great deal.

    Thanks once again for your contribution on authentic writing – it is powerful and moving and a fantastic complement to the other two guest author pieces.


    PS How did you know what my sitting room looked like ??!