In the mean time

I’m supposed to be editing video right now. And I’ll start shortly, as it has to be ready to run in 12 hours and I need to sleep in between. However, I just feel like writing, or not writing as the case may be.

1. Two posts about Mother Teresa came through my reader this week and both resonated, particularly since I also heard a NPR commentary about her on Morning Edition this week.

2. Anna talks about her new experience with an old book, Malcolm Muggeridge’s “Something Beautiful for God.” In response to the book, Anna writes,

I’m going to try to remember that what matters on this earth is how you treat the people around you.

And she’s right. The measure of whether we love God is our love for each other.

3. Dave lives in Illinois. I know him because Paul sent the two of us an email saying, “I read both of you. You should read each other.” So I subscribed. And then last week, almost deleted the subscription because Dave hadn’t written in a few weeks and I was going to be efficient.

I didn’t delete him.

The next day he wrote this about Mother Teresa. And himself.

4. Not about Mother Teresa directly, but certainly about her approach to life is another person I almost deleted, Thomas. That’s because I had the link to his site rather than his blog. So then, after I came that close, he writes to me and sends me to this, the Broken Heart manifesto. With this ‘document’ he is using social media to invite conversation about what it means to live out love.

I love the focus on the heart. I love the understanding of the pain of love and the need to choose to accept that there will be hurt.

Go read and think/feel about this manifesto.

5. And on Thursday, Madeleine L’Engle died. She’s best known for A Wrinkle in Time, a children’s book. Or that’s what it is known as. I read most of her children’s books, a couple adult novels, and at least a couple of her books of essays. Her truest works were her book ostensibly for children, including the time trilogy, The Young Unicorns, A Ring of Endless Light and several others. The ones I listed I have read many times, all since college.

She never set out to write Christian books. She talked about herself as an author who was a Christian. As a result, she never tried to preach. She didn’t start books saying, “How can I tell this Bible story, how can I work these verses in.” She just told stories that were very compelling. They were science fiction of sorts, I guess, though I can’t quite tell you what they are.

All I know is that she changed how I look at living and writing. And for me, that is enough.

Enough. I have to edit. Thanks for stopping by here. Thanks even more for moving on to these other places. Your life will be grateful for the invested time.

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One response to “In the mean time

  1. I used the Mother Teresa trials stuff in a talk I gave to my church’s men’s group. SO real that she struggled. And kept on going. Go to: and scroll down to the post on “The Secret Life of Mother Theresa”. I quoted that guy. (A friend of Dave and mine referred me to that site.)