trying to understand

I’m trying to figure out answers to the following questions.

  • What counts as a relationship?
  • What counts as relationship?
  • What counts as friendship?
  • What counts as disciplemaking?
  • What counts as enough?
  • What counts as church?
  • What counts as work?
  • What counts as significant?
  • What counts as consistent?
  • What counts as planning?
  • What counts as prayer?
  • What counts as communication?
  • What counts as an office?
  • What counts as touching?
  • What counts as meaningful?
  • What counts as effective?
  • What counts as caring?
  • What counts as love?
  • What counts as community?
  • What counts as adequate?
  • What counts as….counting?

Most often, these are questions that come up as I talk with other people who are trying to understand what to do with their time, their lives, their careers, their trials, their blogs, their energy. Sometimes these questions come up when I am sitting quietly in my office. Sometimes these questions never come up.

I know. This is a really cheap way to get a post: Make a list of questions and then walk away. But I’m not sure that it is. In fact, this could be a rather expensive way to post, particularly if we were to try to answer these questions.

What I know is that my response to these questions is almost always, “For whom?” And some people will list family, boss, spouse, community, friends. Some people will say, “well, for me.” And some people will say, “for God.”

Here is why the “For whom?” question is significant: What if the person matters? If you, for example really want to know the answer to the question, “what counts as love for my spouse?” won’t you pursue the answer not as an academic exercise but because you really want to understand what your spouse recognizes as love so that you can show love in that way?

If, on the other hand, the person doesn’t matter, or if you say, “I’m not really interested in an audience, I just want to know what counts as love?” then I have to wonder why we are wasting each other’s time and attention.

Or maybe you just need to talk with someone and coming up with questions is a way to stay in contact.

So what counts … for you?

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3 responses to “trying to understand

  1. Bill Davenport

    you forgot…

    What counts as a blog entry?

  2. One I have been pondering is “What counts as excellence? I had started to write about excellence in my blog but could not answer the question. I have often been told that we are to strive for excellence but what does it mean?

  3. I think you already stated the anwser to these questions by telling us how other people anwsered you. For example you said when people anwsered you they said in my opion or in Gods opinion and almost all these questions are perception questions, at least to us. God has the anwser to all these but in his word he only comes close to anwsering 2 that i know of (Jesus tells us how to pray, however i don’t think that is the only thing that counts as prayer because he prayed more than that prayer himself. Then he tells us what love is in Corthians and showed us by his life and death what it looked like, however i don’t think that is the only thing that counts as love.) I guess the anwser is with God and to get the anwser we need to spead more time lisiting for his soft wisper that i know at least i have a hard time putting life aside so i can hear clearly.