One thing I’m trying to do in this blog is let you inside my heart. I would have said inside my brain, but that is a very odd place. Instead, I’m trying to invite you to watch as I’m being shaped.

As a result, I gotta tell you that I’m in one of those odd in-between writing places at this moment. I had a focus for the month of August. I was writing the signs. During June and July I was reporting on our travels and was talking a lot about community. At this moment, I am between travels and am, I think, tired.

The weekend of September 21-23 there will be more traveling as I head to NYC for an event which remembers the Fulton Street Prayer Meeting which started 150 years ago. A guy decided to start praying. Out of that grew a spiritual awakening in NYC. A couple of us are going to the event and to spend some time with a family from Fort Wayne moving to NYC to live Jesus.

I had several ideas about subjects for posting, and will follow up on them. What I am wrestling with, however, is whether I want to commit myself, and you, to a regular schedule of posts. Something like one day a week on signs. One day a week on cross pictures and discussion of the implications of the cross for daily life.

But right now, that seems far more structured than I want to work here.

So I’m thinking and reviewing and reading. And listening. Listening to the hearts of the people around me who are wrestling with real questions themselves. I want to write, not just for the sake of writing, but for the sake of helping people understand. The other week I realized that I use stories to help people understand what they already know about God and each other.

So maybe I’m just waiting for the next story.

Thanks for waiting with me.


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3 responses to “hmmm

  1. Hey Jon,

    I’ve been lurking here for months, but I wanted to share my opinion on this one… =) I don’t think you need more structure – I love reading about whatever is on your mind (or in your heart) at the moment, and if that means 3 posts today and then none for the next 4 days, that’s great – it goes with the flow of what you’re thinking and feeling.

    I think the thing that I love most about your blog is how spontaneous and sincere it is – and it seems like planning out posts according to a schedule might take away some of that. Or maybe not – that’s just my two cents… Whatever you do is sure to help people understand – just in different ways! =)

  2. Listening can be hard. I know I struggle with it. But the few times I remember to slow down and listen, I gain so much more than I ever could imagine.

  3. Okay everyone. So go to the links for both of these people. Sarah is doing an amazing project with drama, wanting to give college students a real experience which is incredibly powerful. Thomas is working on understanding how starting from a broken heart can take us deep into love. Extend the conversations for both of these new friends.