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Now that everyone is out on the boat, cleaning up the dishes, running around the yard, or sleeping off supper, the chairs have an opportunity to catch up on the past year.

Most of them haven’t seen each other for several months. In the meantime, they’ve been to soccer games and church picnics. Some have spent time in bags in the garage. Others have been out on the deck, enjoying the fresh air or baking in the sun.

The old ones are a bit faded, a little out-moded. They lack cup holders. The young ones look at them and think, “that web stuff, how gauche.” However, they have endured many of these gatherings. Their aluminum tubing seems to be more resiliant than the fancy pencil-thin legs of the soccer chairs.

Soon the chairs will head back home, back to isolation and abuse and neglect. In the meantime, while Andrew and Grandpa talk of college and work and corn prices and gasoline, while Hope and Kelsey are playing, while the rest of the family is doing whatever it is that families do at lake house picnics, the chairs will be enjoying their reunion.


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