Right turns

On Sunday, I invited us to figure out new ways to make this week significant. I focused on one day, August 21. So now I’m curious: How did that day turn out for you?

I’ll tell you a secret: I barely remember Tuesday.

Oh wait, now I do. I started with a meeting at 7:00 am. I ended the last meeting at 10:30 pm. In between, I had several conversations and meetings.

You know what else I remember? At two or three points during the day, I took right turns.

Were they 90 degrees? Not always. I wasn’t always at decision points which demanded that precision. However,

  • I walked out of one meeting because I realized that I hadn’t seen our daughter all day and I wanted to see her before she went to bed. (Before you are impressed, that is the first time I remember being that decisive…and she’s 16.)
  • I was in a group which had wondered what God thought about something and then was asking God to help us with that something and then I laughed and said, “would You let us know what You think about it?” How often do we try to figure God out rather than just asking Him to let us know?

Of course, I made a number of decisions which weren’t right. Of course, I’m not going to list them for you here, but suffice it to say that among those decisions, I may be too interested in being connected online.

The delightful thing is that the week is done. Regretting it is pointless. Learning from it is possible. And taking more right turns is highly desirable.

After all, the rule is still in effect.

(Thanks to Rob Hatch who found this sign…well, just guess.)

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