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A new week.

Ever been to August 21, 2007? What’s it like? What will happen? How does it turn out? What is the coolest thing about it? Who did you meet that you never thought you would? Who did you talk with that you hadn’t seen for years?
What? No one in the world has been there yet?

Exactly. No one on earth knows what’s going to happen. So why do we think that the day has already been decided?

There are a number of things that we can do to shape that day:

  • We can have a wonderful day by surrendering. Liz suggests that we release our expectations, our resistance, our constant spin of our lives. Rather than spending all our energy on defense, perhaps laying down those battles would let us listen and learn.
  • We can respond to the crises around us. David Kuo talks about The way Christ Followers are responding to human needs. With floods in Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Jamaica (and points west) or countless suffering families on our doorsteps, August 21 could be our day of responding to real needs (with the energy we saved by surrendering).
  • We can do little things. Marc Pitman is pastoring a church of about 30 people (and being a pretty good fundraiser.) His little group of Christ followers, however, has been nice to a bunch of people (over 18,000) during the past 7 months.
  • We can take note of what is going by us, like Amy did last Tuesday. Just one of the things she noted while reading that day was, “Listen between the lines.”

  • We can write a post which links other posts together, like Joanna inspired Liz to teach about.
  • We can write a poem, as Anna did, about learning to trust.

I know this looks like a bunch of links…and it is. But they each give clear examples of roads we can take during the next couple days, roads unmaintained, roads infrequently–though occasionally–traveled.

What if… No, never mind.


What if the thing that we had to risk by traveling on those roads…is missing out on the faith gained in the act of travel itself?

Oh, and let me know how August 21, 2007 turns out.

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Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon

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