Little things

Flavored Coffee

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Our lives are full of big things. Huge things. Major crises. Life transitions. Illness and catastrophe.

Right now there is a hurricane bearing down on Jamaica. There are several families slowly accepting the reality that the place their dad or husband or friend worked is where they are now buried. Cancer is reappearing at church.

You can fill in your own examples.

Some of us are not in the middle of those crises. Our job is to appreciate even the little blessings that are around us, things as little as flavored coffee when we just expected old.

Does this mean that we shouldn’t care about those other crises? Absolutely not. In fact, my prayer list is growing. I’m asking God to work, to give strength and wisdom and helaing and clarity. When I can be encouraging, I’m trying to remember to be encouraging. When I can help, I am trying to help.

However, I can’t fix everything. I can’t fix anything. I can, however, enjoy the life tha I have been given rather than feeling guilty about enjoying coffee.

So care. Deeply. And then be grateful for what you have been given.

(including a friend who is on a photo quest, too. Thanks Robb.)


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