Turning out the lights.

Road Home

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When you are traveling, highway signs are important. You often spend time comparing the signs with the map, looking for a one to one correlation. Sometimes, however, the sign isn’t giving you any new information. Instead, it is telling you that you are close to the place you’ve been headed for your whole trip.

It simply says “home”.

Oh, I know. Not every sign says home. In fact, very few have those four letters. This one, from my twitter friend Goldie, identifies some place in Colorado. It’s not home for me. In fact, it’s a state that I haven’t been in for 45 years…and I am less than 50 years old. However, for Goldie, this sign lets her know that the journey, at least this particular one, is almost over.

I love the fact that this one is at sunset, which, on a Friday night like tonight. is particularly important for Goldie. It is the beginning of Sabbath. She’ll be off-line for the next 24 hours, allowing more than just her car to get home. My twitter friend Len Edgerly will have his own tech sabbath on Sunday, giving his eyes the time to catch to get caught up with his heart–or the other way around.

I’m thinking that letting my heart and eyes and everything to get caught up wouldn’t be a bad idea. As I listen to Goldie and Len and others, I’m thinking that a disconnect won’t stop the world from turning. It won’t cause gmail or wordpress or twitter to crash. If anything, it might help some of us to keep from crashing.

And so, have a great weekend. I’ll be home.

Shabat Shalom.

(photo from Goldie Katsu)


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