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I’m on my way somewhere. So are you. What we forget is that so are they.

Who are they? What ARE they like? What DO they like? Are they like me? Do they like me? And what would it be like to get to know them?

I don’t know who your they is. Around here, one of the theys are the Amish. They have made choices about their lives that could feel like an indictment of me. They are biligual. They seem inconsistent sometimes, driving buggies and sharing cell phones. You can fill in other stereotypes as well as I can.

Yesterday I read the weekly newspaper column from Lovina Eicher who is old Order Amish. She talks about her life and then includes a recipe. She wrote about a medical crisis with her son, a fever of 106. She wrote, “we know God was with us, but would I have been strong enough in faith if things wouldn’t have gone the way of our prayers?”

You know, I think that her heart isn’t very far from mine.

Even if her parking space is.

(photo from Robb Lenardson)


5 responses to “parking places

  1. Great sign, insightful post. I love it whenever I get a peek into someone else’s life who seems very different than I am, and find out that our similarities are greater than imagined.

  2. Common ground…when we’re standing in same place, the distance between us is short.

  3. And after your recent hospital scare, Len, there is additional resonance.

    And thanks Amy.

  4. It’s funny because I had my very first (brief) conversation with an Amish person yesterday (the day you wrote this post and not coincidentally the same day Robb took this picture) and it was a very typical conversation between two moms whose kids were playing together on the playground.

  5. Interesting post. Once in Cyprus they showed ‘The Witness’ on tv. Subtitles were in Greek and they kept translating ‘Amish’ as ‘Mormon.’