go ahead.

Sometimes signs show up off the paved road, here on the Internet Superhighway (kind of like Burma Shave signs). Like this one. It showed up the other day over at Liz Straus’s home away from home. I read her invitation to talk about changing the world and thought, “That’s what I’m about, but what does it look like.”

I do care about changing the world. Or inviting God to change the world through me. But I also think about that idea with a sense of skepticism. After all, I’m not a goal-setter. I’m not the kind of person that creates 10 year plans–or even 3 year plans. In fact, I’m working on a 60 minute plan and finding that challenging.

But then I realized that the sign above isn’t an invitation or a suggestion. It’s a command. And I’m already involved in it and so are you. The problem is that both of us aren’t aware of what we are doing. We are just living.

So i sent Liz an email which she graciously framed and linked and hung on the wall.

And then I discovered again that words have an effect on people. Not necessarily my words. But the words back from my friends. I discovered that they have the ability to say things that shape my approach to my world.

So give someone words or time or attention or touch or a piece of chocolate today. Stop the important things that you were going to do today just long enough….to change the world.

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4 responses to “go ahead.

  1. And when the 60-minute plans take more than an hour to complete…

    Your guest post happened to be my first exposure to your writing. In the words of a famous imaginary person-thing, “I’ll be back.”

  2. and the list DID take more than an hour and I forgot part of it. But your comment made me smile.


  3. Your email was a gift. Thank you for that and for thia. Your words do change the world, because they have the power to change how we see it. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Liz. Great day.