Sign without words

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I tell stories.

I tell lots of stories.

When asked about policies, I tell stories. When asked about people, I tell stories. When asked about what time it is, I’ll tell you the story of my watch and how it was a gift from a close friend for my ordination and how, on the morning of my ordination I was driving to the church and I realized that I needed to get a watch and then, when I opened this box, there was a watch, from a guy who had been part of teaching me many things.

See? I tell stories.

I’m in a situation right now where someone is needing to understand what is going on, how things are. I am realizing that sometimes I need to tell WHY things are, but other times?

Other times it is clear that there is a bridge and when it is dark or rainy people just need to know that there is a bridge.

Stories are good. Explanations are helpful. Comments are fun. But sometimes the most effective thing to do is to know that there is a bridge…and just go over it.

[Photo by Robb Lenardson in response to my request for sign photos.]


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