I’m a pretty cautious person. I don’t take many risks. I usually think things through. Even when I feel like I’m out on a limb, I’m not, at least compared to most people who are risk-takers.

As I writing this, I’m watching a PBS show about Blue Man Group, watching them play “Teenage Wasteland”. A group characterized by calculated abandon playing a song by a group who lived with often uncalculated abandon.

And it makes me think: when should we pay attention to the caution tape and when should we let it fall to the floor? What is the balance between calculation and abandon?

One is about lacking trust, the other about trusting too much (or not at all). On is about one kind of stewardship, the other is about an extravagance. One is about thinking and planning and organizing, the other is about creating and playing and delighting.

Either one, calculation or abandon, to excess is, I think, unhealthy. But I’m thinking tonight that I spend too much time on calculation. Not that I’m all that organized. Looking at any of my workspaces will tell you that. However, I think that I spend too much deciding what to do based on the reaction which it will get.

You do it too. I know you. We try to figure out what will get the greatest effect for the minimal effort. We try to figure out how to juggle the greatest number of commitments. We try to decide what will be most pleasing to God, to our families, to our friends, to ourselves. We have some pain or pleasure scale and we try to minimize one and maximize the other.

And I think we are working too hard on working out how to not have to work too much. I think we are thinking too hard about how to think in the best ways.

This week try to get rid of at least one set of false expectations for yourself, a piece of plastic tape saying “Caution cuidado caution cuidado” which is just a random piece of tape.

Somewhere, somehow this week, live with abandon.

After all, though we seldom acknowledge it, God understands something about extravagance. I mean, he took a handful of rocks and threw them toward earth early this morning in the Perseids, just for fun.

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2 responses to “abandon

  1. Why does nearly everything I’m reading these days remind me of Anna’s idea about God tapping us on the shoulder and our learning to know it’s Him? I can picture Him tapping and saying, “Come on,let’s do _________________ together.” If I’m listening with my heart and know it’s Him beckoning, in that moment I have no need for caution. If I could live that response as a lifestyle, I could live with abandon.

  2. Maybe God is tapping you on the shoulder.