when are you closed?

This is the sign outside the door I usually use to enter the place where I work when I go to my office. That is an incredibly awkward sentence. I know. However, I can’t figure out how else to phrase it.

And neither do you.

My work isn’t limited to what happens in my office. I have conversations and appointments and hospital visits all around the city. I have interaction all around the world. And so do you.

My work isn’t limited to when we are open. The idea of an 8-5 job, five days a week, seems almost odd. I have sent emails, had conversations, written or read or prayed or visited with someone at every hour of the day, most times during the week. And so have you.

My work isn’t limited to places and hours. And neither is yours.

So what exactly should the sign say that would accurately describe how we work or live? And where exactly should we put that sign so that people know when we are available (and when we aren’t)?

I’m thinking that if we can find a place for the sign and times to put on it, we might find a little more rest. Because maybe being closed sometimes is a good time.

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5 responses to “when are you closed?

  1. When you love what you do and the lines between work and play blur, the only thing that seems to change is who I am meeting with.

    Some of the definitions of meeting are:

    to come upon; come into the presence of; encounter:

    to become acquainted with

    to come together, face to face, or into company

    to become personally acquainted

    So, sometimes we find ourselves in meeting with our friends, our family (for a week’s vacation), and of course in our “work”.

    So, what should the sign say. I think Mr. Brogan is on to something. He simply puts out his name, phone #, all of the ways in which he can be contacted and…meets people.

  2. I think, in this new-media world, we have to remember that sometimes it’s ok to choose not to answer the cell phone, to turn off the computer, to ignore the chirp of an incoming email.

    Sometimes we need to choose the person in front of us.

    And sometimes we need to close the door and choose ourselves. Find whatever it is that refreshes us and shut everything else out for an hour, an afternoon, a day or a weekend.

  3. This is such a tough one. We’ll have to continue the conversation we started yesterday. But when a just-turned 90 year old gentleman customer calls me at 6pm on Sat. night in tears because his internet is down (for 2 days but didn’t want to bother me) and he no longer leaves the house and email is his only connection to the kids in California, I’m not thinking about his check and what bill it will pay. So does the question become – do I get the kids where they want to go, continue my quiet time or head out the door? No the question becomes – Where does God want me? Who’s life can I impact right now?
    (FYI – got him back up and emailing within a few hours and showed him how to cut and paste, which apparently he had be struggling with for sometime. Took about an hour with travel time and the kids made it to their activities too.)

  4. Open heart–24/7

    Boundaries–see Holy Spirit for particulars.

  5. Anna –

    I wholeheartedly agree. If I am in a “meeting” I don’t allow for interruptions, the cell phone is off, I’m not checking email. Sometimes that meeting is with family, friends, or God. But, my hours of operation are pretty wide open. 🙂