Daily Archives: August 12, 2007

when are you closed?

This is the sign outside the door I usually use to enter the place where I work when I go to my office. That is an incredibly awkward sentence. I know. However, I can’t figure out how else to phrase it.

And neither do you.

My work isn’t limited to what happens in my office. I have conversations and appointments and hospital visits all around the city. I have interaction all around the world. And so do you.

My work isn’t limited to when we are open. The idea of an 8-5 job, five days a week, seems almost odd. I have sent emails, had conversations, written or read or prayed or visited with someone at every hour of the day, most times during the week. And so have you.

My work isn’t limited to places and hours. And neither is yours.

So what exactly should the sign say that would accurately describe how we work or live? And where exactly should we put that sign so that people know when we are available (and when we aren’t)?

I’m thinking that if we can find a place for the sign and times to put on it, we might find a little more rest. Because maybe being closed sometimes is a good time.

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