options and expression


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This sign is next to a driveway on a college campus. At first glance it suggests that this is not a road to take. After all, shouldn’t we make choices that have lots of options? Shouldn’t we go down the road that would allow us to keep moving, to keep growing, to keep expanding our options and opportunities?

Our progress oriented culture pushes us to set goals which conform to a particular view of success, of growth. So don’t go down a road which has no outlet.

Unless you are willing to ignore traditional notions of success.

You see, down this road you find the athletic building, a place where people who care about physical outlet find tremendous opportunities. There is fitness for everyone. There are intramural sports. There is Division One competition. This is a great outlet for those people.

Also down this road is the Communication and Drama building. People who are involved in communicative expression find great outlet. There is persuasion, there is entertainment, there is emotion.

Between those two buildings is the new music building. In those practice rooms and concert spaces and offices, hundreds and thousands of people will be taken inside music, and their hearts will find a wonderful outlet.

“No outlet”. Be careful how quickly you write off a particular road. Although the road itself may not go far, the spaces and the people that you find in that cul de sac may change your life forever.


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