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Catching up

I end up with lists of stuff to say. So here:

  1. There is a new logo over in the sidebar as of today. Late last week, I discovered that I had been identified as an official Successful and Outstanding Blogger (SOB) by Liz Strauss at Successful-blog.com Liz is a well-follower, well-respected blogger and writer about blogging. Check out her blog regularly for conversations with other bloggers, suggestions on the details of effective writing and blogging, and some good reflecting. Thanks, Liz!
  2. At least one of the people who might have been involved in connecting Liz and I is Becky McCray. Becky writes about small business and life in Oklahoma. Last week, Becky wrote a great post about online marketing. Some of you, like me, are doing business on the web. However, we are.
  3. The last weekend of July, Connie Reece from Austin (hook ’em Horns), had a competition to make her laugh. Of course, part of the challenge was that we had to use twitter to enter. Today, I was honored when Connie selected me as the Grand Prize winner. Go read the post to find out why. Pick up a tissue as you are traveling. I am humbled to have been part of helping her laugh in this way.
  4. Andrew has been traveling a lot the past couple weeks. Follow this link to find out why he makes me proud.
  5. Also over in the sidebar is a link called Bookstore. Through Amazon Associates, I’m putting some of the books I like where you can click to them. If you order anything, it comes through Amazon, it doesn’t cost you extra and I get a referral fee.
  6. Lots of us are talking to each other in lots of different ways. Chris Brogan has a great discussion of making choices. You may not know what all of these formats are, but that doesn’t matter. The core of the article is that we need to think first about the other person, second about what we are trying to say and third about the mode or channel or technology.

That should give you plenty of reading for tonight. And it will help you figure out where I’m thinking, at least part of the time.

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Temporary signs


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It’s the first day of day camp for the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir. They call this week “Choralfest”. Every day, from 9-4, 250-275 kids meet in five different choirs to learn enough music to perform a concert on Friday evening. It’s an amazing amount of singing, music theory, teambuilding and other stuff.

Choralfest happens on a local university campus. Because there are a bunch of new kids every year, and because there is a new music building this year, we put up signs to provide direction.

(I say we because on Monday morning I am an extra set of hands for the initial setup. Nancy works in the choir office and our daughter Hope is one of the big kids that helps with the little kid choirs. For the rest of the week, I resume normal broadcasting but they will keep working, helping, following.)

The directional signs are temporary. Tape on a post temporary. They are created to last about 60 minutes on Monday morning. After that, the kids have a clue where to go.

Although the sign disappears, the lightpost doesn’t, the campus doesn’t, and, for a week anyway, Choralfest doesn’t. And then other signs will appear on the campus as school starts and a thousand different clubs and events and classes and people post signs to direct people who are looking toward the event they are seeking. Paths which, once found, don’t need the signs anymore.

I think sometimes we want permanent signs so we don’t have to remember where we are going. Rather than learning the directions, and having the place in our minds, we want to keep focusing on how to get there. There is a measure of irresponsibility in our living.

Other times we want permanent signs because we think that an event which is supposed to be temporary should last forever. We think that life should always be Choralfest or a convention or a retreat or a worship style or an unconference. These events are intended to last for awhile and then, having equipped or refreshed or taught us, go away.

Still other times we want permanent signs because we think that everyone should be exactly like us and have the same experiences. “What? You don’t like coffee? How can you ….”

Which path should you have learned by now? What event, long over, are you still looking for? What do you assume everyone should experience identically?

Maybe the sign is supposed to be gone.